Lady Circus

An intoxicating cocktail of riot and glamour!


About us

The next generation of circus has taken hold in this troupe of femmes fatales, who are taking circus arts to new heights. Born in the Brooklyn underground, Lady Circus have burst out of the gritty, grimy, glossy cocoon that birthed them to display a devastating combination of skill and spectacle for the new millennium.

Lady Circus infuses every performance with feral exuberance and stylish extravagance. Stiltwalking is redefined as the art of stiltdance, and aerial is reformatted into raw, heated displays of inverted dynamism. Glasswalking becomes transcendent, fire dancing becomes revelatory, and sideshow becomes main show in this effusive collaboration of expression and aesthetics. Hoops spin in the air (as lyra), on the ground (as the glittering tool of nouveau hoop dance), and in between (as caught in between rhythmic gymnast jumps and contortions). Belly dance and other forms of sinuous grace weave fluidly throughout.

Mixing culturally relevant narrative with blindingly gorgeous costuming and interactive improvisation, Lady Circus both pierces and transports. Although sometimes, we just like to rock out.